You can get the guys at Home Depot to GIVE you things!

I have revised my opinion of the Men In Orange.

So I’m slowly but surely accepting the fact that I am NEVER gonna be done working on Dante’s 9th level of hell. I make my daily pilgrimage to Home Depot to get a few things (the Pope has died but it’s ok, I have found a new religion- I worship Homer now) and I find myself in the not-so-unique position of not being able to find what I need. A lovely young man (I know, I know, I’m getting older and it shows when I talk like that) asks me what he can help me find. I tell him and we explore the lighting and ceiling fan area of the store until I find what I need.

“What else can I help you find?”

“I need knobs.”

“Like for an air conditioner?”

Precisely, I answer, and he proceeds to unveil a secret box of miscellaneous parts and hand me the knobs I need. He does the same for screws for a light fixture.

It’s like a secret door to Narnia, or the tunnel entrance to the underground at Disney. If only they had whole sets of kitchen cabinets stashed away somewhere.

Of course, he didn’t have an orange apron on and I STILL paid over $50 to get out of the store, but, hey, it’s start. i figure I saved $5.78 by charming him.

Just goes to show you what you can get away with when you smile and pull back your shoulders. Girls, take a lesson.

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