We Are Journalists

Being a journalist is pretty much a thankless task. Ask any of us. The pay is not exactly champagne and caviar, the hours are at best irregular, and there’s always at least one person who thinks we’re doing it wrong.

Nonetheless, those of us who report the news for a living – on any scale, be it local, national, online, or daily – understand the responsibility of what we do and have a passion we can’t seem to escape. For some of us, it’s a love/hate thing. For others, it might be only a hate thing. One thing, though, is that we all have days, I suspect, where we all feel like we’re out there alone, Us versus World.

This nifty, nifty new blog takes all of our collective moanings and love songs about what we do and mashes them together. Thanks to local reporter Emily Nipps for the soapbox on which we are all scrambling to stand.

Here’s what I had to say (and you knew I would have something to say, right?)

Also, if this gains momentum and she merchandises this, I can’t wait to get a mug on Zazzle.

And yes, I am a working journalist. For that I am thankful, always.

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