Vacation Chronicles: The Florida Bookshelf

So we have these awesome bookshelves in our living room. They stretch almost to the ceiling from about mid-thigh height. It’s one of the reasons I fell in love with the place.

If you read my earlier post about my mom, look closely.
You can see wood shavings in this photo.

The problem for book lovers is that if you give us bookshelves like these, we try and fill them. Actually, there is no “try” – filling them with beloved manuscripts happens organically. For me, that means that, 17 months after signing the lease on the bookshelves, they’re overflowing with books about Florida. When you factor in the past year spent pulling books off to find the (seemingly) random fact to add in to the spicy goodness that was (I hoped) my master’s thesis, then pushing them back on the shelf again in no particular order, you have a mess. Or, at least, I did.

So yesterday, I decided I would put things right. Part of it was to blot out the 9-11 coverage on Fox “News” but mostly, I couldn’t take the dust and disorganization anymore. Also, I’m looking for my underwater camera (that’s another post) and I’d arrived at the quirky part of the search that we all come to when we’re desperately looking for something we simply cannot find, where bizarre ideas seem possible. I thought perhaps the camera was behind a book.

No, the Emmys aren’t mine. I wish they were.
It was not, but I did get quite a few books in my pile for trade at Small Adventures, clear out a spare litter of kittens worth of fur, and reorganized my books. Here are my Florida book categories:
  • Early History through Explorative Narratives (also called “Lies told to the crown about Florida and one cool Bartram book”)
  • Essential Florida (The WPA Guide to the Southernmost State, Florida Poems, Cross Creek, Everglades: River of Grass, and Land of Sunshine, State of Dreams)
  • Everglades and Keys Fact and Fiction
  • Tour and travel guides
  • Hiaasen, MacDonald, and Randy Wayne White
  • Books about Florida for which I don’t have enough to make a category
  • Jimmy Buffett’s fiction and not-really-about-Florida-but-still-written-by-him books

There, uh, isn’t a point, really, except that the bookshelf rearrangement thing made me happy enough that I had to brag about it.

Also, I’m wondering if anyone’s seen my camera….

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