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On a car-related note, I’ve decided to allow myself to drive one day a week. This week I drove three times. I suck, but not as much as I could, so there’s your silver lining right there, dammit. The point is, the scooter is so easy and the bike is so continuous (it’s physical work, but I can pedal without a lot of stops and starts) that between the stick shift (and I’d be lying if I said I was good at driving a manual transmission; it’s actually painful to my passengers) and the traffic lights, just driving is exhausting. Give me a bus any day now: I can read, sleep, or daydream and no one gets hurt.

Hopefully, Dr. H and our two new contributors will add this blog to their Twitter accounts, so you can follow us all and we can be one big happy car-free (in my case, car-minimalist) family.

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