Tides of Change

It’s time for a change.

Oh, I love my job working on boats, I do. But events of late remind me that every job- EVERY job- is work, and, given the opportunity, it can be bureaucratic and oppressive. I don’t want to badmouth a company that’s given me, on the whole, a wonderful two years, so I won’t. Let’s just say it’s time to move on before we all hate each other.

The past week evokes a quote that my friend Shelly taught me: At the moment of commitment, the Universe conspires to assist. That’s from Goethe, who I always thought of as a sniveling little bastard. Turns out he had some good thoughts in between the romantic moaning.

No sooner did I decide I would give notice at the boats (which isn’t, really, because I’ll still be there, just not nearly as much) did I manage, through some sort of divine providence, to get work as a kayak guide. I’ll be running kayak tours to Shell Key and other local points of interest, which is about one of the sweetest jobs I could ask for.

So, no humor here, no angst, just change. Which isn’t a bad thing. I’m taking all the best parts of my boat crew job with me, and gathering up new ones, like little souvenirs from roadside tourist attractions, with me.

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  1. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! I got to your page by looking up “Not much fun for little Harpo” since my family loves Little Nemo. Nice job on your blog!

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