This feels surreal.

Backroads of Paradise
The book will have a cover and pages and a spine and everything. We fancy around here…

Maybe this should be over on my Great Florida Road Trip site, but this isn’t really a post about the book. Well, OK, it kind of is.

My publisher sent me the press kit for Backroads of Paradise and it’s finally hitting me that this book will happen. I mean, yes, I’ve had a contract for a long time but it feels as though it has taken forever.

I have an ISBN number, a press kit, a book launch party, and several book things lined up for the coming months.

This started when I was in fifth grade and decided I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. Fifth grade, happened in 1982. It’s 2016. It’s taken 34 years, a couple of writing jobs along the way, and a book contract, but I finally feel like a “real” writer.

And now a word from our “shameless plug” department: You can help me feel like a successful writer by buying my book here.

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I write. I take pictures. I love my dog. I love Florida. My 2016 book, 'Backroads of Paradise' did really well for the publisher and now I feel a ridiculous amount of pressure to finish the second book.

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