Things I Wrote For Money

Taking a cue from my new favorite blogger, The Bloggess (and no, it is totally NOT the same thing as “stealing.” Honest.) here’s a few links to things I wrote for money this week. Because it’s totally not all fun and games up in here, people.

Clearwater From 500 Feet
I write this awesome weekly piece for the Clearwater Patch. It’s called Destination: Clearwater, and, basically, they pay me to write about wandering around outside. It’s harder than it looks. I swear.

Cassadaga For Skeptics
I am totally not the person who goes to a fortune teller. What the hell possessed me to spend my Friday at an historic psychic camp, I do not know. But Leah, Susan, The Most Interesting Dog in the World and I headed over there. Conclusion? I am not the person you take to a spiritualist camp. Ever. But it had some neat history-type stuff. If not for the history, this piece – for the Gabber Newspaper, an honest-to-god print newspaper – would have a shocking amount of snark and certainly would have raised the ire of countless psychics.

A Matter of Taste: Crabs
Pinellas Beaches Patch, another AOL local news site, ran my first Matter of Taste piece. It’s not high art, but, hey, it pays the bills.

Trolley Tales: Waiting for the Dog
I ride the bus and write about the people I meet. If you’ve ever ridden the bus you know that everybody on it has got to have one hell of a story. I just dread the day someone asks for mine.

Hard Candy: Who Wants Cheese?
Yeah, I know, you can read the post below, because I post these here, too, but the more hits I get at the Gabber web site, the better I look to my editor. Which has got to mean something, somewhere, to someone.

There, of course, were other things, like the coverage of city council meetings and things like that, but as soon as I start in on politics, Leah’s eyes glaze over. I’m pretty sure she’s not the only one, so I’ll stop here. If any of you actually has a burning desire to find out more about what happened in Gulfport this week, click over to the Gabber’s web site.

Things I did to avoid doing the things I do for money:
Well, you know, aside from the obvious (Facebook, 24 reruns, and cooking), I try hard to fill my working hours with ways to procrastinate. I was mildly successful.

I’m not sure why I like it so much, but Pinterest (especially the “Prints and Posters” boards) has taken up WAY too much of my time this week. I’ve also spent too much time looking for funny shit on the web, like this guy.

I’ve also been working on the route for my upcoming cross-Florida camping trip, which will, ostensibly edge me closer to my master’s degree in Florida Studies. For those of you I haven’t bored to tears with my excited ramblings about my thesis, I’m recreating the tours from this book. Basically, during the Depression the federal government paid out of work writers to create driving tours of the state. Since this was pre-Eisenhower interstate system, the result is a badly-in-need-of-updating-but-still-really-amazingly-cool guide to Florida’s backroads, which the Captain, the Most Interesting Dog in the World and I will attempt to retrace in a RoadTrek next month. Book, web site, and long-awaited master’s degree to follow.

Finally, my amazing writing professor and also a member of my thesis committee, Thomas Hallock, and I are trying to go a month without starting our cars. We’re kind of failing miserably, but hope springs eternal. We’re, of course, keeping a blog, which you can totally read and enjoy. Or not.

Oh, I also added Google ads to the blog and became an Amazon Associate, because I found out that there are people who make money doing this shit. Please feel free to click away, and I apologize for selling out. It makes me feel like these entries are work and not procrastinating.

I’ll be back.

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