They’re Watching Me.

At least, it certainly seems this way.

The Bartlett Park blogmaster (is that a word?) sent me an e-mail letting me know that I was on the Creative Loafing blog. The link he sent, tho, was to TampaBlab rather than Alex’s CL blog, and when I clicked on the link and scrolled down, I found a link to the Ybor City Stogie, another blog site that has reposted my article as it appears below, (sans my little narcisstic rant above the post).

Does anyone else find it wildly peculiar that, three years ago, the Drudge Report labeled my paper as a horrible liberal rag or some such nonsense and now I’m a Tampa Bay Right Winger? Maybe I misread the intent of reposting the entry, but it certainly seems like I’m the right wing they’re watching.

Oh, sweet jesus.

I’m the man.

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I write. I take pictures. I love my dog. I love Florida. My 2016 book, 'Backroads of Paradise' did really well for the publisher and now I feel a ridiculous amount of pressure to finish the second book.

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  1. Ms. Salustri, i don’t think you are a right winger. i re-posted your article becouse i think it took alot of courage to write it and wanted to move it forward.

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