The Lunch List

As usual, everything fell apart food-wise the last two days. Still, I have vain hopes of preparing food and not eating trash. Hey, I can dream, right?

1. Crispy wontons with little shrimps inside (I have salad shrimp leftover in the freezer) along with bamboo shoots and other stuff.

2. Spare ribs in the slow cooker. It’s cold now, right? I can pull out the slow cooker again? Yes, I know it’s only 60º; in Florida, that’s cold.

3. Stir fry with meat of some sort, depending on what’s on sale. I don’t have a link for this; I just heat sesame and chili oil in my wok, throw in onions first, then add the other veggies, and finally the meat. Unless it’s chicken. Raw chicken disgusts me, so I usually cook the hell out of it. Also, I try not to make it.

4. Veggie burgers. I’ve been craving vegetables like a madwoman. That’s the one thing about summer in Florida: we grow nothing. Everything gets shipped in from somewhere else and it takes like crap.

5. Paper Citrus Salmon. Hell, it sounds good. Why not?

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