The Lunch List

As I merrily chug along 441, as barn-spoiled as a horse after a day in the fields (I mean, I’m assuming. I don’t know), I realize that an empty refrigerator, a half-jar of peanut butter, and a couple cans of tuna fish await me at home. I have no clue what I’m eating for dinner tonight or what I’m making for lunch this week (if I don’t make lunches ahead of time I end up shoveling anything into my mouth with wild abandon, which is so not a good look for me.) To that end, I started making a list of what I want to eat this week and, as I tried figure out where to save it, realized that blogs are PERFECT for this sort of things.

Considering that – and that this list will likely be of no interest to anyone but myself – here’s what I’m cooking:

If I make stir-fry tonight (Monday) I’ll have the leftover rice for this salad, but no way in hell am I using a bottled dressing. I have standards, peeps.
Not Martha’s Quick Salad

So, OK, I’m craving veggies. It doesn’t negate the healthiosity (is TOO a word!) of them that they’re fried, does it? Also, the cheese. I feel like the cheese makes them somehow less healthy:
Zucchini ricotta fritters

Thursday: I love these little shrimp. I want to marry them and have their little shrimp babies. Except that would be disgusting, so I guess I’ll just eat ’em instead:
Shrimp pasta salad

Friday: When I was a kid we always had fish on Friday. Oh, we’re horrible Catholics – my family has divorce (yay me), not getting married in the church (yay me again, which may mean the first thing isn’t a sin at all) and, I’m pretty sure, birth control and masturbation (I’m just guessing, y’all. We don’t actually talk about these things in my family. Honest.) running rampant like little hell-bound Italians through our bloodlines. But the fish Friday thing I liked. So I’m bringing it back, except instead of breaded, fried flounder I’m going to pick up whatever’s fresh at Shaner’s (probably snapper) and a mess of clams and we’ll have that for dinner Thursday. Friday there will not be clams left – this I promise you – but the snapper will go nicely into a fish-version of Tuesday’s salad, except with this teriyaki sauce.

Saturday: I love these yummy little bastards.

And that’s five working lunches. If you know of a great food site, please send it to me or post it in the comments.

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