The Plastic Project: The Guest Bathroom

When you never use a bathroom, it’s remarkably easy to rid it of plastic.

Or so I thought.

This month’s Plastic Project: our guest bathroom. Easy peasy, right? We don’t use it, so there’s no personal products shrouded in plastic that will, I’m increasingly convinced, find its way to at least Boca Ciega Bay, if not the Gulf of Mexico.

We just returned from a trip to the Florida Keys, where the amount of plastic along the waterfront simultaneously reaffirmed my decision to rid our lives of single-use plastics (as well as multi-use plastic, if I’m being honest) and disheartened me because there is SO MUCH plastic.

Nevertheless, there’s a problem I’d hoped to kick down the road until I tackled our bathroom: Toilet paper.

rolls of toilet paper, arranged horizontally
This month’s challenge: finding toilet paper that doesn’t come wrapped in plastic. Suggestions welcome!

Guests like to use toilet paper, it seems. I can’t fault them for that. So our choices here are to never invite anyone inside our home again, which seems drastic and also a dick move when we’re having a pool party (plus it will encourage people to pee in our pool), so I need to find another option.

Right now, our Amazon Subscribe-and-Save has us well-stocked, but as of today, I’ve canceled that subscription, because my beloved Angel Soft comes wrapped in plastic, so that’s a no-go.

No, we’re not giving up toilet paper. We’re just giving up the plastic. When our current supply runs low, I’ll choose one of these brands, because they’re wrapped in paper, not plastic.

Also, I didn’t realize it was Plastic-Free July, but it is. Never too late to take the challenge!

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