Success, Somewhat.

After determining that neither watch nor tickets were… in with my taxes or old warranties, my blank journals, Madison’s toys, the fireplace, cold medicine, or my mom’s car… I am happy to report I have found the watch.

In the couch in the office under the slipcover, between the cushions and the mattress (and a big thank you to Madison for finally getting off the couch and prompting me to check there!).

No such luck on the tickets, although I did find:
1. My marriage license
2. My amended divorce papers (no original, though)
3. Two silver certificates
4. Hair scrunchy
5. A memo from my old boss at the County giving me, Carla, and Tom an oral warning for going to lunch without her
6. A copy of Thirty Steps to Becoming a Writer (never read)
7. My schedule at the bookstore for the coming week
8. A copy of when and where the McDonald’s banner should fly in Fort Myers this past summer
9. My espresso cups
10. 3-D glasses
11. Cash
12. Tash’s copy of Fast Women
13. My student ID cards from both UCF and UT
14. Madison’s fur brush
15. Gri Gri’s baby teeth

But no tickets. I’ll keep you posted as I am aware that you are ALL waiting with baited breath.

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