Sophie’s Choice

So, of course, my editor just asked me to meet with him sometime today. In person. In the office. Which takes two buses to get to. Oh, and he says it will only last 15 minutes.

So, do I drive, and make this two consecutive days of failure, ride my bike (in 198 degree weather), or take the two required buses?

I am so used to having a car that it’s instinct to grab my keys. As a freelancer, it is also my nature to drop the less important stuff to meet with a client (in this case, my editor) so they know I’m available to them.

More so, other people are used to me having a car. It’s one of the rules of American society: you drive places. People do not want to wait for you to bike four miles. They don’t want to hold off on doing business while you work out the logistics of bus transfers.

So, what will I do this afternoon? I have to be there at three. Hmmm. We’ll see. Stay tuned…

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  1. That’s the most likely possibility. I’m certainly capable of biking the entire distance, but I’m lazy. I’ll most likely bike until I see the 79. Even then I may just bike the whole thing. It’s embarrassing how lazy I can be.

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