Sometimes I Take Too Long to Get Ready

Me: Do I look OK?
El Cap: You look great. 
Me: Do my boobs look weird?
El Cap: What?
Me: Would I look better in a different bra?
El Cap: Honey, it’s O’Maddys. 
Me: I don’t care. It’s not about where we go or who I see. I want to look good for you. 
El Cap: (sighs) Honey, you would look good naked. 
Me: Wow. You are really hungry. 
El Cap: No. I’m not. You asked, you were looking for an answer, I answered. If all you really care about is me, take off the clothes and let’s go. 

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I write. I take pictures. I love my dog. I love Florida. My 2016 book, 'Backroads of Paradise' did really well for the publisher and now I feel a ridiculous amount of pressure to finish the second book.