Some women dye their hair, I just spray mine with primer

It’s been a long week….

I have absolutely nothing of note to report but, because I get chided (thanks, Mar) if she doesn”t have anything to read, I figured I’d try and write something down.

So, Frank’s moving into my apartment April 1 and I apparently have rented the front out to a young lady who works for Redner enterprises. As in Joe Redner. I only mention this because as soon as I found that out, I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about her being able to make rent. The funny thing was, she seemed embarassed about it. I took my clothes off for the Gulfport Community Players for free; she’s at least getting paid. Of course, I had microphones… I wonder if any of Redner’s girls have ever thought of that?

Speaking of which, I’ve BEEN MARKED DOWN. The calendars, formerly $15, have been marked down to $5. That brings my worth down to 42 cents for my page, or 10.5 cents per microphone. On the bright side, all of you asking me to send ya a copy will now get one.

So, in anticipation of listing the house for sale, I have spent the day painting the exterior. I’m sitting up in the sound booth at the theatre, running sound and picking primer out of my hair. Well, ok, I’m not- I can’t. I’m a blond, except it’s not really blond- it’s “Surfboard Yellow”. I had this bright idea that painting in shorts and a bathing suit top would keep me cool (we actually broke 80 degrees today- briefly- yay!), and resultingly, I have yellow speckles everywhere the sun could reach. It’s not just paint. it’s primer. I don’t believe it will simply wash off, especially after the warm, Florida sun baked it on.

My entire home has windows blocked out with paper so I don’t paint them, but I forgot to tape my doorknob. Three hours to tape windows and lights and crap- and I remembered the other doorknobs- and then I forgot my own. Well, hell, it’ll be Frank’s soon.
Oh! Found a place to rent for a month. When I got a deposit for the house yesterday, I got a little frantic to find a place. I started calling everyone I knew in Gulfport who had rental property, inquiring about their tenant’s health, etc., and finally hit the jackpot. Bonus: It’s furnished, so I can just stick my stuff in storage until I find a house.

Sierra painted Gri-Gri with yellow dots today; he looks like a long Dalmatian (well, ok, maybe if you were dropping acid or something, he would). He looks very cute, but when we went to Home Depot some guy asked us if they were real. He was serious. Ok, YOU, out of the gene pool!

So, after I finish up at the theatre tonight I’m going to Tom’s and I’ll attempt to bath Cap’n and Madison. Hopefully Sierra will have already bathed Gri-Gri; she bathed Captain the other night when I ran out for a pizza. She has been invaluable to me getting the house pressure washed (yesterday) and painted today. I tell Tom on a regular basis how lucky he is, but I don’t think he needs me to tell him. I am also amazed how readily both she and Tash have adapted to the changes in his life and, consequently, their lives.

Ok, now I know I’m getting tired- I’m drifting off in my thought pattern. Anything would be better than last night, when I started to drift off to sleep right before a cue. I think I may have a bit much going on.

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