People I love.

So I figure amidst the anger I have for recent tenants, I should put something positive out in the universe, you know, just to let you all know that I have happy thoughts, too. So, here it goes, my most recent and most likely somewhat fleeting list of people I love the most in the world. If you aren’t on here and don’t owe me money, fear not, it’s not personal. If you aren’t on here and DO owe me money, stop fucking reading, I don’t want you in my life anymore (that’s crystal fucking clear, isn’t it?).

My parents. They have offered me sympathetic moans, a Catholic statue to bury at the Money Pit so it will sell (and goddamn if it didn’t “coincidentally” get an offer about two weeks after I buried the damn thing… after a year on the market with very little activity!) They have never asked me for anything EXCEPT that I lock my scooter up at night and NOT ride it on 22nd.

Theresa. She has kept me in the loop with my new tenants, who are friends of hers, and advised me of countless land-lordy things. She has only said “I told you so” one time when I deserved it many more. She got me out of the house when I had sank almost my lowest and talked to me endlessly when I wanted to whine (“But I’m not a BAD person, Theresa, WHY?”… “Because some people are just trash, Cath, that’s why!”). She has never asked me for a thing other than friendship.

Luci. She, too, had talked to me endlessly and encouraged me to access my inner bitch. I really didn’t think I needed too, but Lu seems to think I’m too nice. Go figure. She has put up with me whining about things that I accept full responsibility for but still listens and offers solutions. She has never asked me for a thing other than friendship.

Tash and Sierra.They don’t demand a thing, they just hang out. Plus, they’re exceptionally cool.

Shelly and Ken. While I’ve been stressing and obsessing over this whole thing, the staff at The Gabber has been amazingly patient with my half-assed attempts at writing. I do not deserve them, not even a little bit. What they have allowed and understood has gone WAY beyond the level of contract (or regular, for that matter) employment. If you must work for money, you would be lucky to work for people HALF as wonderful.

Carla. She just listens. She doesn’t try to change me; she knows how I handle things and just lets me be me. She, too, has never asked for anything but friendship. Oh, and once, a long, long time ago, she asked that I NOT wear flippy shoes to work.

Tom. He is my very best friend in the whole world, and no matter what I do or whether he agrees with my choices, he just doesn’t care. I mean, he may care because it makes ME miserable, but it doesn’t change a damn thing.

In addition to that, there are tons of you (collectively) that would have been as wonderful as these guys had I given you the chance, I know this. Thank you ALL. I will get through this and laugh about it all one day, right?

At least I can honestly say that as miserably as some people have treated me, you guys are the ones who remind me that the world is not against me. Without you, I would be a quivering mass of carbon on the polished wood floors of my home. I wish I could say that, like Anne Frank, “I still believe that people are basically good at heart!”, but I don’t. Life has taught me that people are basically assholes and you, my friends, are the exception to that.

Think about that: how meaningless is it to be a great person in a world filled with great people as compared to being a great person in a world filled with assholes? Whether or not I am right, that is my perception and, at least in my mind, that’s the truth about who you all are.

I love you.

Thank you.

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