Octopi, Otters and Wombats:

A note from Management:

Today we’re just trying to fix the human error that sends these posts to Twitter and to Facebook. This wouldn’t be an issue if Twitter and Facebook weren’t already pretty chatty with each other. So, this is a test, performed by the Twitter/Facebook/RSS Test Octopus. Because RSS clearly isn’t.

Why octopus? It’s simple, really:

The wombats couldn’t fix it, so we fired them and hired otters, who promptly went on strike for “better working conditions” (they wanted to work in the water and we told them no because it’s bad for the MacBook Pro; they also TOTALLY misunderstood the concept of clamshell design.)

So we fired the otters (yes, I know, but Florida’s a right-to-work state and screw your otter union) and brought in octopus, who should be able to fix it four times faster.

As soon as we post, we’ll know…

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