My Machiavellianity

I’m not proud, people.

Last night *someone* told me my attitude about younger men and sex (bad idea, don’t do it, go with an older guy because the sex is better) and my little story about younger men floating on their back (sexually, stay with me) and thinking they’re swimming while the older men actually swim was Machiavellian. Mind you, that wasn’t said as an insult, but I didn’t agree that my ideas about sex and the older man (the marathon runner of the sex olympics, if you will) fell under the “Machiavellian” heading. So, because I let things go easily and don’t worry things OVER and OVER and OVER in my mind, what’s the first thing I did this morning?

That’s right, I woke up, took a breath of God’s beautiful air, closed my eyes, and let it go.

Oh, wait, that doesn’t sound like me at all. Ah, yes, I remember now. I Googled Machiavellian, and because the internet is a wondrous, amazing thing, I found, of course, a quiz that will assess your Machiavellianness. Since we all know that internet quizzes are amazingly accurate and always groundtruthed by competent mental health professionals, I went ahead and took it.

Conclusion? My attitudes about sex and the younger man, NOT Machiavellian, but I did score a 76/100 on the Machiavelli scale.

And also, I cannot say “Machiavellian.”

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