Mom, please don’t worry.

If you’re a mother, you may understand how those words evoke the exact opposite response.

Here’s what I’m doing, and before you read this, just don’t worry.

I’m renting Frank my apartment once Tom and I fix a few things, by which time the bathroom should be done. I have listed the big part in the paper (for rent, $1250/month). Once Tom and I finish the repairs, I am listing the house for sale, probably for about $280,000.

I know what your next question is. I do not know. I’ll work it out. I am not making the front half available until sometime in April, so I could stay there for a bit.
I am looking at houses today; I hope to find one by the end of the week.

I just decided the parts you didn’t know yesterday. That’s why you’re just finding out now.

I will, of course, keep you and the rest of the world posted through e-mails and my blogs.

Now… try to just worry about ONE of the things I just told you instead of ALL of them. I will be ok; at the end of the year I will have ONE HOUSE with NO MORTGAGE and NO TENANTS and NO DEBT. Other than the huge profit margin, buying this house was a huge mistake and I can’t wait to be free of it. I am fixing my own mistakes, it’s just a pain in the ass way to go about it.

No, I do not need money.
Thank you, though.
No, I have no more answers than I have given you. As answers reveal themselves to me I promise to share them with you.
Yes, I am happy, although I’ve been a little cranky lately. Perhaps it has something to do with the house, which I like to call “Dante’s 9th ring of hell”. I thought about having Tom paint a sign reading “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter” for the front door, but I suspect that may hinder the sale of said home.

I love you!

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