Mascara and Taxes

Don’t ask me how, but tonight our conversation went from the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) to makeup budgets. Specifically, El Cap’s makeup budget. Well, his former makeup budget.

Now, before you get ahead of yourself, El Cap once worked at a locally-based shopping network. We started talking about how people wouldn’t need to stay at a job for health insurance anymore, and that progressed to talking about 1099 employees (yeah, I know, we know how to tear it up over here), and he talked about his former job changing the models from full-time employees to 1099 contractors.

Me: Well, then they didn’t have to pay health insurance or taxes or unemployment.

El Cap: Or makeup.

Me: Makeup?

El Cap: I had a $250,000 makeup budget.

Me: A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS? I felt bad paying $15 for that tube of mascara.

This is why we need Obamacare, people. Because we need to level the playing field between those who have $250,000 for makeup and those of us who don’t. Like me. I am the 99%.

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