Marijuana Infused Olive Oil

This is NOT a sanctioned recipe of my Florida Foodways class, although that IS where I heard about it (not from my itching powder professor but from a fellow scholar).

No, mother, I have NOT tried it, nor do I have the ingredients to do so (I’m running low on olive oil).

1 cup olive oil (the good stuff)
1 quarter marijuana (also the good stuff)

Mix ingredients. Simmer but DO NOT BOIL for 30 – 45 minutes.

Use as a dipping sauce for crusty French bread OR as the olive oil in the Betty Crocker boxed brownie recipe.

I’m learning the best stuff in grad school….

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2 thoughts on “Marijuana Infused Olive Oil”

  1. haha no olive oil…lol

    great recipe.

    I use the oil for all sorts but dipping oil is the best after a hard days work it great to relax to fresh olives, home baked bread and some green oil to dip it in.


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