Just… Wow.

So, this happened tonight…

A man told me he taught and I asked where. He told me, then asked, “Do you teach, too, or are you retired?”
He went on to tell me he was entering “the fet lifestyle”, and I asked what that meant. 
“Fetish,” he said. 
“I don’t know if you’re joking or if you’re serious,” I said.
Enrique wearing a wrestling mask at Lucho Libro
Enrique, taking a break from heckling the crowd

 to type. I am in no way making this up.

Next to him, Enrique sang out, “It’s called flirting!” and oh, yes, he was wearing a wrestling mask. 
I am in no way making any of this up. At all. Also, I shouldn’t go out alone.

P.S. Even though I structured that sentence properly, I want to clarify: Enrique was wearing the wrestling mask. The other guy had on red striped pants and cowboy boots. 

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