Jimmy Buffett Stole My Sentiment!

This is just proves to me that I am, indeed, one of the great minds of our time…
Jimmy Buffett used one of my, as Jeff calls it, “Cathyisms”. I should be angry but 1, and don’t really believe he stole it and B, hell, people, it’s Buffett. He can use naked pictures of me in concert and I wouldn’t get pissed.
So here’s the deal: he just released a new album, Take The Weather With You, and I love it (although that really ain’t news, is it?).
As he gets older, his music gets better. No Fins/Margaritaville/Why Don’t We Get Drunk dreck on these albums. Instead we get “Hula Girl at Heart” (which I SO want on a t-shirt), “Regabilly Hill” (“Everything was movin’ and yet everything was still”), “Duke’s On Sunday” (you just have to hear it), and “Nothin’ But a Breeze” (“Life is much too short for some folks, for other folks it just drags on”).
But my favorite, favorite song by far is “Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On”. Of course, that may be because I have long advocated some version of that- “Keep sucking breath in and pushing it out again” (that’s me, not Buffett, for those of you who may be confused).
So, ok, it probably was his idea. The Margaritaville web site doesn’t have info on the album up there yet, and the downloaded iTunes files don’t mention who wrote what. My latest Coconut Telegraph had some info in it, including the little tidbit that Mark Knopfler wrote “Whoop-De-Doo” and Buffett wrote BIBOMO. Maybe he’s been reading my blog? (Hi, Jimmy! We just paid what amounts to more than 3/4 of a mortgage payment for two tickets to your Tampa concert next month and would really like to hear “Coast of Carolina” and “Migration”, could you swing that, please? Also, there’s $1000 in it for you if you DO NOT play Fins, Cheeseburger, or WDWGDAS in Tampa. Thanks!)
Of course, even if he did use my Cathyism, who the hell am I to bitch when I post to a blog that “borrows” from Disney/Pixar, right?

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