It’s late & I’m sappy

Well, I’m sleepy, too. Anyway…

As you may surmise, I’ve been a bit negative lately. Thanks to my good friend, the C. Witch, I’ve noticed that I’m sorely lacking in the happy blog entry department. So, in an attempt to convince you that I am not, in fact, a woman on the edge, herewith: a happy blog entry.

After a marathon rehearsal tonight, I shuttled myself and dogs to Tom’s for a shower and a little moral support. On the way home, I realized how lucky I am. Here I am, having rented out both apartments in my home, needing to do a shitload of work before either one is ready, and needing to be out by Thursday, and no one person could ever handle this alone. I AM lucky; I have you guys. So, in no particular order, thank you.

To Mardi, for talking me through the intricacies of being a landlord and still speaking to me after I treated her like total crap a few years back. You have been my friend, listened to me, driven twelve hours round trip to rescue me from a business trip gone psychotic, and explained to me about rental deposits. You would be my friend even if I killed someone (and probably find a reason they had it coming). Even more important, you have trusted me enough to let me be your friend. It’s easy to listen to someone else’s heartbreak, but harder to admit your own to them. You have done both. Thank you.

To Carla, for seeing me through the Freakshow when every weekday I faced a corridor of people who didn’t like me much and I didn’t really like me much, either. You have listened to me, too, and never judged me or raised an eyebrow at what I told you. Ok, once, but I think you had to sneeze. You have answered your phone for a sanity break, talked me down, and answered your phone at dinnertime, bedtime, and Sopranos Time when I called. You have been steadfast and comic relief, sometimes both at the same time. You are a friend that will always listen and tell me objectively what you hear me saying; you remind me of what I believe. Thank you.

To Luci, who reminds me to, as you say, “embrace the suck”. You look at life and see humor and remind me that nothing- NOTHING- is so dire that you can’t make fun of yourself or others. You send e-mails that make me laugh out loud. You have known me longer than anyone else I know (save my family) and have watched me go through all kinds of weird shit. You are brutally honest and will not hesitate to call it like you see it, even if it may upset me. You are a friend who will tell me what you think even if you’re not on my side, and I need and respect that. Thank you.

To Linda, who I ALSO have treated like crap and has found a way to forgive me for it. You have seen me vomit booze, been handcuffed to me in Daytona Beach, and seen me through my first love. You are my friend who really doesn’t care if I’m wrong or right but will always listen, try to cheer me up, and think about my problems and give me advice once you’ve thought it through. You also have a way of reminding me to keep perspective on life. Thank you.

To my mom, who has seen me at my absolute worst. I have insulted this woman, slammed doors at this woman, and lied to her, and no matter how hideous a creature I act, she will always take a day off to help me move, and stay up late on a work night to let me talk. She has seen me drunk in college and let me know that it may be ok at 19 but it shouldn’t be a lifestyle, and she has surprised me by giving me exactly what I need whenever I need it. Thank you.

To my dad, who has a half-remodeled house but still found time to remodel my bathroom and put up with me being bitchy, put up with me pre-coffee, and put up with me being a Salustri. You taught me how not to be ashamed of who I am, because I cannot change it. You have always treated me like an equal, even when I acted like an idiot. Bonus: you have never once said, “I told you so.” Thank you.

To Tom, who changed my life. You reminded me who I was and of the life I wanted. You let me be happy, and you let me cry. You let me be, as you once said, “a girl”. You showed me what really matters. Thank you.

I love you all. I could not get through this hideous, hideous move without each and every one of you. Keep that moral support coming, because I’ve got two full days to go before it’s all over.

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