It’s Cold.

I hate winter. And before any of you northerners or carpetbaggers start, it IS cold down here, I am NOT used to it, and I DON’T want to hear it.
High today is 62. I have GOT to get somewhere warmer. I worked at the airfield today and I think I have frostbite on my nose and left pinky toe. All I want to do is crawl under the blankets and sleep until the lows stay about the 70 degree mark.
It feels like twilight all day, the sun is on some extended vacation, and it’s so damn cold I want to smack someone just for the heat of the energy transfer. I don’t have enough clothes to dress for this weather consistently, and I don’t want any. I also have no vehicle in my possession that makes driving in this weather enjoyable, and, again, I don’t want one. I want to go where the weather, as a wise man once sang, suits my clothes.
This is Florida? This is a joke. It’s only November; it’s gonna get worse before it gets better.
Robert Frost said “the best way out is always through” and I’m with him. The best way out of this IS through- through the airport, where I will board a plane for Ecuador or equatorial Africa.
The first person who responds to this with “Are you kidding? This is BEAUTIFUL weather” gets a mafia-style hit when the mercury goes below 50.

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