Hoot and Tasha

I have recently become aware that Tasha reads my blog when she’s at work. She sells insurance, and this leads me to believe that this is the REAL reason insurance costs so much- all these agents need super high powered computers so they can surf the net and send me e-mails. So, to help her pass the time, herewith:

I saw the most amazing movie last Friday night. Tash shanghaied me into helping her move into her new apartment (ok, that’s really not fair, she just asked and I said yes, but “shanghaied” sounds more dramatic). I had an eviction in the morning (but that’s a blog entry for another time), and as soon as I finished putting a family of seven out on the streets Tom and I piled in the Thing and headed out to the far side of the world (Tampa) to move Tasha in (kind of a whole real estate “Circle of Life” thing.)


Barb unpacks Tash Barb unpacks Tash. Well, unpacks her stuff.

It’s a pretty cool apartment- her back porch fronts a stand of cypress trees and it’s very quiet and peaceful (when her dog, Brutus/Sammy, lets it be peaceful- he did NOT like the maintenance men and told them so in NO uncertain terms). She has two sky chairs (hammock chairs) that her dad hung on the back porch, and it was very tempting to just sit in the chairs instead of unpacking all of Tash’s 97,351,846 DVDs.

Gri-Gri in a sky chairGri-Gri tests the sky chair.

Sierra in the sky chair
Sierra in a sky chair; Gri-Gri plotting to get the chair back after he was unceremoniously deposed.


After we got her as settled as possible, Tom took us to see Hoot (Sierra went to boring work instead). Carl Hiaasen wrote the book, and Buffett produced the film. I had no idea what to expect- I wanted to love the movie but feared they had changed too much to “movie-fy” it. Making a book into a movie is always a risk, because if you’ve read the book you want the movie to parallel the book as closely as possible, and some things don’t read on screen. But from about the first two seconds of the movie, I realized I had nothing to worry about.

Every shot in this movie was composed and overseen by people who love Florida. Everything I love about this state made it into this movie. The cinematography in this film -you can laugh if you want to- brought tears to my eyes. The film opens with a great shot of a seaplane over the water, and from that instance the movie hooked me.

But here’s the cool/weird part. When I saw the trailer, I mentioned that I thought the kid who played Mullet Fingers was good looking, which even I admit is just weird (And also illegal. I mean, he’s like 16!). But after looking closer I noticed a strong resemblance to Tom’s high school pictures.

Tom’s alter teenage ego… He dismissed the idea as “a typical look”. Tash had no idea I thought this kid looked like her dad, but as soon as she saw him, she said “That looks like Dad!” Which proves it- if more than one person says it, it must be true, right?

Tom as Mullet Fingers

But here’s the even stranger part. Beatrice, Mullet Fingers’ sister, looks almost EXACTLY like Sierra. It’s not just the face, it’s the expressions.

Everyone agreed this WAS Sierra.

Sierra in the movies!

So I figure the Gibson family should get part of the profits for the movie, right? Or maybe Buffett’s Cessna or Goose…

Check out the movie at HootMovie.com.

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