Hooray Obamacare!

I’m on the most important deadline of my life, so of course I took some time out to sign up for Obama care. I mean, it took some time, because yes, the site wasn’t working properly at first, but I got through yesterday.

And promptly entered the wrong Social Security number for El Cap. Yay, me. Long story short, one does not simply “reenter” the correct Social Security number on Healthcare.gov; one must call the toll free number and talk to a real person. I’m not certain if this is one of the famous flaws in the system or an identity fraud prevention issue, but whatever. I called last night, just before dinner.

And I have to say, it was incredibly pleasant. My representative spoke English clearly and lived somewhere in the eastern US (she said she wasn’t allowed to say where, exactly). She was pleasant as hell, made small talk, and was really nice and a real person about the whole thing.

I know with systems crashing or the black ball of fire or whatever the hell else is happening with the site or former President Clinton being held up as today’s hero on Faux News for saying President Obama should allow people to keep their crappy substandard plans, Obamacare is getting a lot of bad press right now.

That’s why I feel compelled to add my voice that I had a wholly delightful experience while trying to correct a dumb-ass mistake I made last night. Thank you, President Obama, for getting me healthcare, making it easy to get, and making it affordable. Thank you, also, for hiring a United States call center and funding it appropriately so it gets staffed properly.

Now, I guess I need to get back to writing…

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