Hard Candy: Gulfport, The Quiz

Hard Candy: Gulfport, The Quiz

 Before I wrote a column for the Gabber, Roger Turner penned “Turner Viewpoint.” As more than one person commented, he and I have different writing styles, but I always loved his quarterly “Gulfport Quizzes”, so I hope he will accept my version of the Gulfport Quiz as flattery and a sincere salute to my predecessor. I’m on vacation this week, so I thought I’d give you a vacation from my opinions and ideas. Take this column with a grain of salt and have a little fun – we’ll give you the answers next week.

1. Name the town’s last three vice mayors, in order:
a) Jennifer Salmon, Bob Worthington, Sam Henderson
b) Michele King, David Hastings, Sam Henderson
c) Jim O’Reilly, Ted Philips, Sam Henderson
d) Jay Burki, Michele King, Barbara Banno

2. Which is an accurate Mayor Michael Yakes quotation?
a) “The fact is, we’re not at war. When sides get picked, you’re trying to beat somebody. Gulfport’s too small for sides.”
b) “We celebrate everything but water bill day.”
c) “I wish Gulfport had more Wal-Marts and chain stores.”
d) “I can’t stand GeckoFest.”

3. Who did say, “The fact is, we’re not at war. When sides get picked, you’re trying to beat somebody. Gulfport’s too small for sides”?
a) Ward Three Councilperson Jennifer Salmon
b) Chamber of Commerce President Lori Rosso
c) Vice Mayor Sam Henderson
d) Former Vice Mayor David Hastings

4. Why did Gulfport hold its first GeckoFest?
a) Because someone spray painted gecko graffiti on city hall and local artists protested its removal
b) To celebrate the end of summer
c) In protest of a city ordinance banning reptiles as pets
d) Because the Merchant’s Association felt it didn’t have enough to do

5. What is the official name of GeckoFest?
a) GeckoFest and Iguana Island
b) GeckoFest and Dragon Day
c) GeckoFest and Mullet Mutiny
d) GeckoFest and Chicken Celebration

6. What may Gulfport residents not legally do?
a) Own chickens
b) Own roosters
c) Fire a gun in their yard
d) Park on the street

7. Which city staffer once held elected office in Gulfport?
a) Public Works Director Don Sopak
b) Community Development Director Fred Metcalf
c) City Manager Jim O’Reilly
d) City Clerk Leslie DeMuth

8. What’s the difference between the Gulfport Merchant’s Association and the Gulfport Chamber of Commerce?
a) The Gulfport Merchant’s Association is a subcommittee of the Chamber.
b) The Chamber is a city of Gulfport department while the Gulfport Merchant’s Association is an independent organization,
c) There’s supposed to be a difference?
d) The Chamber represents the entire city while the Gulfport Merchant’s Association focuses on the downtown merchants

9. True or False: Gulfport had a chicken referendum.

10. True or False: This column’s name, Hard Candy, comes from a Gulfport workshop where council considered banning sugary soft drinks in city hall.

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