Gulfport: Glitter Everywhere

This is what happens on Facebook when I’m tired. And covering a city council meeting for the Gabber. I don’t believe I’m anomaly. Which means this is what happens while news is getting made, y’all.

Me: Packed cookies in glitter boxes. Didn’t brush off before sitting down to type; keyboard covered in glitter. It looks like a stripper’s keyboard.

My Friend Jay: It’s also gonna die; glitter’s conductive.

Me: Not much I can do about it now. However, two things: One, Stripper’s Keyboard sounds like either a great band name or a fantastic sink for diving, and two… well hell, I lost two. I need coffee…

Me: Three? It’s some sort of commentary on my writing.

Me: Also, four? I gave out cookies in glittery boxes last night and I sent Mayor Henderson home covered in silver glitter for his anniversary. Laura’s likely going to wonder. But then not really, because, well, Gulfport. We kind of have glitter everywhere. Which should be our motto.

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