Flattery That Makes You Think

And you know I hate to think, right?

So I get home tonight and there’s an e-mail waiting for me from another guy in the neighborhood, letting me know that, essentially, this blog has made the Creative Loafing Blog.

I’m honored, really, since the weekly wouldn’t respond to my query last year when I pitched a story.

I don’t know Alex, although I admired (and vehemently disagreed with certain points in) his story on Bartlett Park in last week’s Creative Loafing. I also think it sucks that a layout decision in The Gabber kept the first of my three part article on Midtown out of The Gabber until next week.

But even more disturbing is that Alex pointed out the disintegration (or enlightenment, depending on your attitude) of my world view in my blogs… and he has an incredibly valid although heretofore overlooked point.

When I moved in I had, as he calls it, righteous indignation. Now I’ve been reduced to contempt (check out the 4th entry down), again his word choice.

And, because I DO have an open mind, I re-read the two entries.

And damn it, he’s right.

But wait… wasn’t that MY point?

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