Fireball Island

I love board games. My parents only had one child — apparently I was enough — so I was forever pestering them to play Monopoly, Sorry!, Chinese Checkers, or whatever with me. Of course, they worked, so when my grandparents watched me they got to play checkers and Chutes & Ladders and, once my grandfather decided I was old enough (four), five-card stud.

But I never got to play this game, and they don’t make it anymore. Fortunately for me, I am not the only loser in the world who thinks that geeky games are cool. Rounding out the affectionately and somewhat offensively named loser trifecta of my friends, Emilio trotted this out last night.

Because he’s that sort of person, he of course still has the box and all the game pieces, and the original price tag on the box. He paid $15 for the game.

It’s now selling on eBay for about $200. I don’t care about that as much as I want to be one of the kids in this commercial:

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