Dreams Float

Because no one ever stopped to pose for real life.

Think about your favorite photographs: Were they taken in a studio while you tilted your chin at an odd angle?

Yeah, me neither. The photos I love the most happened because I was in the moment, not in a studio. That’s why I specialize in professional snapshot photography, or, simply put, “casual photography.”

Look, almost everyone has a camera phone. It’s not that you can’t take the photos, but there are times when you simply don’t want to take the photos. That’s OK, because now you have a professional option that’s a fraction of the cost of a studio photographer. I photograph 100th birthday parties, bridal showers, wedding proposals – pretty much everything you can think of – but I do it with one goal in mind: To capture moments and the people living in them. I don’t pose photos and I don’t arrange what I call “yearbook” group shots.

I don’t do weddings, but I will capture the look on your face when the woman you love agrees to marry you. I don’t do studio pregnancy shots, but I will meet you at your favorite place to grab some shots of the two of you before you become the three of you. I won’t take that photo of your whole family lined up in rows, but if you want pictures of your great-grandma blowing out the candles on her 100th birthday cake, call me.

No one ever stopped to pose for real life. You shouldn’t have to, either.

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