Dolphins, Dead Fish, and Deeds

I spent the day in Clearwater poking around. Filmed a boat mate telling the possibly false story of the only residential house on the south beach, got some great pictures of dead fish at a marina (hurray for snapper!), and watched two dolphin pups play with a whole pod of aunts and moms.

It was a sublime day. I love the translucent blue water and white gray skin on the dolphins and how they mix together under lemon sun. The sea is alive with color if you know how to look.

This sounded grander in my head but I am so tired I can barely type. I only type at all because these perfect days all run together in my mind after a fashion, yet during each moment of being truly alive and twisted up in the magic of Florida and the world around me I want to share what I see and what what I see makes me feel, and I want to record the memories so I can later look back and say, “Oh, yeah, that was the day the dolphins had a tiny pup with them, and I looked back at Barry behind the wheel and we both smiled because we were the only people on the boat who gets how truly great this exact moment is.”

La vie et belle.

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