Day Three: “Fun” Day at Sea

There is nothing fun about a boat full of drunk people. Nothing. Thank god for our balcony and every other corner of this monstrous ship where they aren’t playing music or letting passengers sing. I love being at sea, but for some reason this cruise seems ridiculously louder than any other I’ve been on. The “Serenity Deck” for adults only, with its plush lounge chairs and sea grass furniture, isn’t aft on this ship as it is the others, so I’m treated to the full regalia of cruise line entertainment if I want to venture up. My balcony, however, is quiet and private and I finish my book there, because I am apparently 85. Which is fine. I have knitting for later…
Seriously, though, once I avoid the drunk singers top side, this is not unpleasant. Room service, the sea moving past our chairs, and nothing I have to do or see.
Except maybe find the people singing and kill them. 
I wonder if this is what sea madness looks like…

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