Crime Down in St. Petersburg?

You know, I’m having an increasingly harder time believing Fearless Leader Baker’s party line that “crime is down” in St. Petersburg.

This, fortunately for me although not the Wildwood residents, is not my neighborhood- perhaps because we are blessed with some frequently vocal and neurotic (but in a really, really good way) crime watch people and “regular” police officers. Which is not to say it’s all candy-coated houses (some have treats of a different kind, though!) and streets flowing with milk and honey. It’s a tough neighborhood. Just not a horrible neighborhood. If you look you can see positive changes here. But NOT because elected leaders step foot into our streets on any kind of regular basis.

All you have to do, Mssrs. Baker and Davis, is for the love of god admit we have a crime problem here and help us fix it. I’m not a dumb girl, I see a LOT of rentals and know that means you’re getting un-homesteaded property taxes on more than a few homes in the southside. Use that money in the areas you collect it.

But look at what you HAVE done in midtown… we’ve got a new Sweetbay and we’re about to get a bank.

I’m sure that makes Benjamin Philyor’s family feel much better about everything.

Vice Mayor Davis, I asked you in an interview last spring if you would feel comfortable having your daughter live in any of our midtown neighborhoods. You said yes, without hesitation. And I ask you that again.

Before you answer, realize that midtown includes the neighborhoods where we’ve seen many of this killings this year.

Today, you can either answer no, which fills me with respect that, until now, you have not earned from me, and then do something about it, or you can stick with that original yes answer, which begs a follow-up question…

What the hell kind of father are you?

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