Back to the Bike

I have neglected my super-cool cruising bike, and, to a lesser extent, the scooter. I’m thinking about doing another car-free week, or month. My editor has also tasked me with writing a feature on people who take the bus in Gulfport. So I guess it’s time to pump up the bike tires and dust off the bus pass.

Anyone care to try car-free living for a week or two?

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I write. I take pictures. I love my dog. I love Florida. My 2016 book, 'Backroads of Paradise' did really well for the publisher and now I feel a ridiculous amount of pressure to finish the second book.

2 thoughts on “Back to the Bike”

  1. carefully examine the seat-to-peddle-to-handlebar measurements & dynamics on your bike to make the bike and experience an extension of you. 😉

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