Just Keep Swimming

Every writer has voices in their head. I've let the ones in mine have their own blog since 2005. Read what they've had to say all these years.»

Great Florida Road Trip

Backroads of Paradise, my book about traveling Florida's backroads, hits stores October 4, 2016 (pre-order info at link below). Until then, read stuff that's kinda sorta almost not quite exactly unlike my soon-to-be-bestselling travel narrative. Great Florida Road Trip.»

Dreams Float Casual Photography

The photos we love don’t happen in a studio with fancy lights; they happen in the real world, and no one poses for them. I take those photos. No, I won’t shoot your wedding but yes, I will take pictures at the bachelorette party. I pinky-swear you’ll love them. Take a look at my portfolio, then get in touch.»
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